Creative Life Drawing in St Albans

Fancy drawing a 1970’s Disco Dancer, a Circus Character, or perhaps a Post-Apocalypse Vigilante? Come and join us at our creative life drawing sessions. Whether you want to improve your drawing skills, to start life drawing, or return to drawing you are welcome to join us. Our costumed models, with music and props, create a theatrical vibe and will have you sketching, drawing and scribbling in a relaxed and playful environment. Contact billie@billielovesart.com for details.

Past Events


14th October 2018 – Post Apocalypse Vigilantes. The earth’s civilisation has collapsed from the effects of a catastrophic world-wide event. And those humans who survive are profoundly different. Amongst the gangs of bandits and outlaws there are a few survivors who understand what it takes to operate in this brave new world. At October’s theme: ‘Post Apocalypse Vigilantes’ we drew, sketched and listened to our dramatic music playlist which included Gorecki, REM, Zager and Evans and a track or two of heavy metal! Read the blog.

group of people raising hands silhouette photography26th July 2018 – 1960’s Music Festivals – As an homage to the iconic festivals of the 1960’s; the Isle of Wight, Monterey and Woodstock we celebrated the end of this year’s music festivals by sketching and drawing to the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, Joni Mitchell, The Byrds and more. Read the blog.

car vehicle classic american

June 24th 2018 – Vintage 1950’s

Please email or text to say you will be joining us so we can ensure there are enough spaces.

Questions & Answers

Is it a life drawing class?

Still Life with a Guitar

Yes, it is. But with a difference. Instead of drawing a nude model, you will draw a model dressed in a costume, there’ll be music and props too – all creating a theatrical vibe.

Why costumed models?

Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul

Drawing nudes provides the foundations for drawing the human anatomy. But adding clothing to the figure is important too as it gives you a bigger visual vocabulary to work with. For example, a swirling cape can add force and power to a figure and learning how materials drape around the body is invaluable for developing ideas.

Who can attend?

Wheat Field with Cypresses

Anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills. Maybe you’re a ‘GCSE’ or ‘A’ level student (or younger) and want to practise drawing from a figure – or you enjoy drawing and like the idea of figure-drawing with a twist of theatre. Come along and join us, you’re welcome.

When and where?

Hand Sketch

When: Sunday. No rushing to classes after work/school and still time to relax in the evening.

Location: The Maltings Arts Theatre in the heart of St Albans. In the same building as the car park – cost £1 for whole day.

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